Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Various tools and resources to allow you to dive as deep down the rabbit hole as you wish. If there's anything you think I should add here, let us know!


  • Electrek - news and commentary on electric transport.
  • CleanTechnica - news and commentary on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy and other clean technology.
  • Teslarati - Tesla and other EV news, commentary and fandom.
  • Climate Tech VC - a weekly newsletter on climate and innovation from the perspective of industry investors.


  • Learn Engineering - great videos on engineering fundamentals. A lot of the electric motor learning came from here.
  • Real Engineering - extremely well produced videos on all sorts of engineering topics.
  • Jack Rickard - He slowed down recently, but Jack is a veteran of electric vehicle conversions and produces long and detailed video overviews. He also made an infamous rant on the Tesla Conspiracy. Worth reading!
  • Sandy Munro - Quality Control professional known for being extremely critical of Teslas. Sandy takes his work seriously, and more recently has been impressed by their build quality.
  • Rich Rebuilds - Rich has been repairing Teslas and building funky conversion projects on video for a while. Known for being critical of Tesla for Right-to-Repair.


  • Project Drawdown - a comprehensive and consistent look at every way we could work to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • International Energy Agency - produces many high quality reports on electric vehicles and other related topics.
  • EV Volumes - database of electric vehicle sales information and more.
  • Fuel Economy - official US government source for fuel economy information.


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